Launch of 'Fantôme' Collection

FANTÔME is the exploration of translucent light refraction.

Kirsten Ley plays with the concept of Snell's Law and the escapism of light as it dances, waves, and shimmers across semi-transparent and gathered materials.

In FANTÔME, Kirsten also explores the breathtakingly fragile detail of magnified flowers under a microscope against cross-sections of bone marrow; amplified to a diaphanous web of porous creams and whites. Micro-organisms flutter and fall as her garments mimic their sheer, cloud-like structures.

Silhouettes are inspired by the veins in a dying flower petal, held up to the sun. FANTÔME brings back ethereal dreams of a simpler time and the subsequent, inevitable loss of youth as one grows up.

FANTÔME is that phantom limb one experiences with loss; the undying fight to feel the growing vastness of lonely ineptitude.

This is the soul's resurgence as it struggles to fight for air amidst the murky waters of fragility.

Gingerly treading eggshells with each step, Kirsten Ley finds strength in the broken transparency of the butterfly wings touched by human hands.

This collection is the resurrection of self and the undying will to keep moving forward.

Original music written & performed by Kirsten Ley; produced by Verstana.
Appliqué artwork by Natalia Pavanelli in exclusive collaboration with Kirsten Ley.

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